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Phoenix Live 3 Laser Software

Phoenix Live 3 Laser SoftwarePhoenix Live 3 Laser Software

Model: CL-Phoenix

Phoenix Live 3 Laser Software

PHOENIX-LIVE software:
    LIVE software to control up to 4 x ILDA laser and 4 x 512DMX unit
    Interactive control of all axes at any time
    Moving letters with true-type fonts and laser-optimized fonts
    SMS-4 laser for many current mobiles
    DMX512-in, DMX-out (4 x 512 channels max.), midi-in
    Various sound-to-laser (BPM) functions
    Sound-to-laser with BPM recognition
    Every effect has its own timeline with 20 tracks
    Morphing, hidden lines, 32 layers, masking, automatic animations, scan limit
    Soft color/blanking functions as well as various color morphings
    2 safety zones freely adjustable
    Definition of 4 interfaces max. with 3 individual projection zones each
    Geometric corrections in all axes possible
    Beam table adjustable for a maximum of 50 single beams/mirror positions. (Rotating objects can also be defined as mirror beam - e.g. rotating spiral on a mirror ball)
    Import of ILDA and PHOENIX files/animations possible
    Fog button can be programmed with 24 DMX channels max.
    9 fixed quick DMX scenes with 24 DMX channels each can be programmed - directly on the main user interface. Almost unlimited number of scenes can be stored on the effect buttons.
    Control possibility for moving heads
    Automatic real time clock - even during the show - in digital and analog versions

USB interface:
    Fast transmission via USB of approx. 8Mbits/sec.
    ILDA standard output
    Power supply via USB port
    Scan speed up to 50,000pps


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