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40K Scanner System

40K Scanner System

Model: CL-S-40K

PT - 40K Scanning System Laser Scanner

Technical data:
     Deflection angle: max 70° optical (factory calibration @±20°),
     Mirror Aperture:  6mm*10mm*0.8mm,(7mm*11mm*0.8mm selectable)
     Mirror coating:    High quality dielectric film,
     Reflectivity:         >98% @45°incidence(400nm-700nm),
     Power Supply:    ±24VDC @1.5A each,
     Input:                 Analog ±5V,
     Speed:               40Kpps @ ±20°((ILDA 30K Test Frame)

Standard Package:
     2×Driver board
     2×Replacement mirrors
     1×Scanne mount
     1×power supply(PUS)
     2×Cables driver to scanner
     2×Cables driver to PUS
     2×Cables driver to input signals
     1×User manual


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