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2.4W RGB Laser Light

2.4W RGB Laser Light2.4W RGB Full Color Animation Laser2.4W RGB Full Color Animation Laser Light2.4W RGB Animation Laser Light2.4W RGB Animation Laser

Model: CL-L2HW

2.4W RGB Laser Light

1.Mid-range full-color laser, suitable for places within 300 square, is suitable for small and medium-sized bar, small wedding venue, etc.laser light match with Pangolin or Phoenix software ,the effect will be better, use more pcs laser light will be more shock effect.

2.2.4W RGB full color green laser diode is twice that of 2W RGB. stronger penetration, more suitable for the bar.2 W RGB full-color mixed color better, more suitable for wedding and advertising.

3.Unique design, black and white classic style, digital display, and more powerful.


Rated voltage and power:AC100~240V 50/60Hz; Rated Power:<200W

Scanner:25K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 30K),

Scan angle: ±25°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%)

Modulation:  TTL(analog modulation is optional)

Control Modes:  Music(with the function of BLACK OUT)

Automatic/Master-Slave/DMX512(23CH)/Compatible ILDA  laser show software

Control Interfaces :ILDA Standard DB25 Connector,International Standard DMX 512,Phoenix(Germany) or Pangolin (USA) etc.

Demonstration effect:Built-in 128 pattern and 42 animation .You can only choose cartoon effect or pattern effect

DMX effect:Double pattern modes,and with the function of unique blanking,

frequently flashing ,rotating,movement,billowing,zoom,drawing,speed and color etc

Security Intelligent function:no signal no emit,Key power; signal is changed automatically(PC to DMX or DMX to PC),Quick Channel, one of the product channels,let you can choose sound or automatic mode by DMX controller. You never need to set the product.

Operating requirement: dry, less dust, 10~40℃(environmental temperature) ,will reduce the attenuation of the diode and extend the life of the light.

Application:  Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Family party, etc




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