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BEE EYE 19 LED Moving Head Light

B-EYE 19 LED Moving HeadBEE EYE 19 LED Moving HeadBIG EYE 19 LED Moving HeadB-EYE K10 LED Moving HeadBEE EYE K10 LED Moving HeadB EYE 19 LED Moving Head

Model: CL-BEYE19


Rated Voltage: AC100V~240V 50-60HZ

Rated Power: 450W

LED Qty: 19x15W high power 4in1 LEDs

LED Drive Current: 1000mA 

Beam Angle: 4-60°Zoom

IP: IP20

DMX Mode: 21CH(Standard)/35CH(Shapes)/78CH(Extend) /97CH(Extend RGBW) /92CH(Full)

Net weight: 15 Kg

Gross weight: 18.2Kg   


Product feature

XLR sockets input/output 3Pin  

Power input/output

3 kinds of control model: DMX512, Sound active,Master/slave

LCD display screen

Display screen can  be turned upside down with 180°to fit the installation in different place 

Indoor operation temperature: -20°C~+40°C

5 DMX modes: 21/35 /78/97/92CH 

dimmer:0-100% linear dimmer


16bit fine pan/tilt control

Smooth and accurate locating


Motor rotation in forward and reverse can be setting up

Each LED can be controlled individually,rich colour 

Smooth and accurate positioning

Tilt: 540° Pan: 270° rotation

Tilt,Pan high-speed infinite rotation,speed can be adjusted.

The scanning position can be memory,it will be automatically reset without expected movement after rotation. 

0-20HZ Strobe, pulse strobe, Asynchronous stroboscopic effect.

Super mixed color and rainbow effect.

All the color can be for the total dimmer.

7 programmable program is invoked by controller.

Fan cooling(fan will be change the speed with the temperature variation. 

Temperature detecting system(If the temperature detection error,the light doesn't work).


Product Size: 376 x 253 x 478 mm

Packing Size: 425 x 305 x 550 mm

Net weight: 15.5 Kg

Gross weight: 18.5 Kg 


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