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COMET SIP LED Outdoor Strobe Light

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Model: CL-CSIP

1000W LED Outdoor Strobe Wash Moving Light

Strobe Panel LEDs

LED Type: 5050 0.5W RGB 3in1 LEDs

LED Count: 480

LED Colors: RGB

LED Segments: 8 (2 x 4)


Strobe Tube LEDs

LED Type: 3535 5W 6500K LEDs

LED Count: 144

LED Colors: Cool-White

LED Segments: 4



Resolution: 8-16 Bit

Tilt (Degrees): 185°



Control Modes: 9CH / 14CH  / 42CH

Display: Illuminated graphic LCD

Protocol: USITT DMX-512, RDM

RDM: Bidirectional communication

Wireless DMX: 2.4 GHz W-DMX™ (optional) 

Cooling: Temperature controlled, overheating protection



Dimmer: 0-100% electronic

Shutter: electronic, max. 20 Hz

Internal Effects: LED Macro Effects



Signal connection: Seetronic IP65 XLR 5-Pin or 3-Pin In/Out Power Input: Seetronic powerCON TRUE1 In/Out


Operating Condtions

Mains voltage: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz

Power: 1000W

Maximum ambient temperature: -30°C / 86°F, 50°C / 122°F Operating Position: any


Mounting Options

Standing: Rubber feet

Hanging: Omega-Bracket

Safety wire attachment: foldout eyelets



Single fixture: cardboard (inner and outer cartons) Tourpack: 4-way Flight Case


Housing Colors

Standard colors: black

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 482 mm / 18.9 in

Width: 178 mm / 9.0 in

Height (head horizontal): 243 mm / 9.5 in



N.W: 10 kg

G.W: 12.5 kg


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