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Rotating Logo Projector

Rotating Advertising logo Projector

Model: CL-RLP10

Rotating Logo Projector

Technical parameters

Project Distance: 6 meter

Lumen: 1200Lm

Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

LED Source: CREE 10W

LED Lifetime: 30,000 Hrs

Color Temperature: 3200K/6000K

Beam Angle: 20/25 degree

Appearance: Silver color

Cooling: Natural cooling

Front Head: Manually adjust the focus

Bracing Frame: Can manually change any angle

Dimensions: 290*90*260mm

LOGO Diameter: 37.5mm (Rotating logo)

Weight: 1.2KG

Inner Packing: 390*200*150mm

Outer Packing: 420*400*320mm


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