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DMX Splitter 6 Ways

DMX Splitter 6 Ways

Model: CL-H6G

DMX Splitter 6 Ways

DMX Splitter is required for stable signal transmission, 

specially for a DMX chain with more than 32 DMX units or a distance of 150 meters.


It serves as a signal distributor and booster. 2 DMX inputs to 6 DMX outputs, each equipped with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR connectors for compatibility in any DMX setup and 100% electrical isolation between all in/outputs. The booster function analyses the incoming DMX data and re-constructs it before boosting it allowing it to be pushed further down DMX lines without signal problems. With LED indicators for both signal and power, it is easy to detect error for individual channel.


Ideal for fixed installation, mobile show, rental, etc.



Stylish and durable aluminum housing;

DMX signal splitter and amplifier;

100% electrical isolation between all in/outputs;

100% electronic isolation between output/output;

LED indicator for signal and power ;

Termintor switch for DMX signal enhancements;

Easy installation: wall mount or desk top;

3pin or 5pin DMX In/Out,3pin or 5pin DMX Thru。



One inputs to six outputs

Power input: AC230V 50Hz

                     AC110V 50Hz/60Hz

Consumption: 8W


Size: 280 x 150 x 70mm 1PC/CTN

Weight: 1.7kgs


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