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DMX Splitter 1 Way

DMX Splitter 1 WayDMX Splitter 1 Way Connection LayoutDMX Splitter 1 Way Connection Layout

Model: CL-DS-1

1 Way DMX Splitter

Congratulations on purchasing your new DMX distributor. The unit has one input and two output.absolutely electric isolation between input and output or between outputand output.two type of DMX connector(3pin & 5pin)for each individual channel,eachDMX output features a independent driver. we strongly recommend that you take timeto read this manual fully before you attempt to use the DMX distributor.

Technical  specification:
     Power input ...................AC230V  50Hz/60Hz.
                                           AC 120V 50Hz/60Hz.

Oprating instruction:
DMX output : connect to the DMX receiving device.
DMX  input : from the DMX transmitting device.

Connector pin designaions shall be as follows:
pin 1: signal common (shield).
pin 2: dimmer drive complement  (data 1-).
pin 3: dimmer drive true (data 1+).
pin 4: option second data link complement (not used).
pin 5: option second data link complement (not used).

Receiver can not more than 32 units on one out channel.
Use one terminator on the last receiver. 

This apperatus must be earthed.
Do not apply power source before completely installation.
Always disconnect from mains before replacing the fuse.
To reduce risk of fire or electrical shock .do not expose to rain or moisture.
Do not try to repair it when the circuit is out of order .Send it back to your
supplier for repairing.

Packaging: 2PC/CTN.

Size: 24.5×18×6.5(CM).

Weight: 1.5KG.


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