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IP65 DMX Splitter 2 Ways

IP65 DMX Splitter 2 Ways

Model: CL-L2W

IP65 DMX Splitter 2 Ways


2 channel DMX signal amplifier waterproof, waterproof rating IP65;

Aluminum chassis, unique novel appearance;

Output standard DMX512 digital signal;

DMX512 signal amplification function and prolong DMX signal transmission distance;

DMX512 signal distribution function, multi-stage share a DMX control system;

Independent power inductors, independent DMX signal ground, independent standard DMX distribution amplifier;

Independent optical isolation to avoid the stage of the DMX signal control system interference and sabotage;

One input, two independent DMX amplified output signal;

Independent power indicator, independent of input signal lights;

DMX signal input line to strengthen the function.

Technical Parameters:

Power source: AC110 ~ 120V 50Hz / 60Hz

           AC220 ~ 240V 50Hz

Power: 4W

Digital signal: DMX512 / 1990

DMX signal input connector: XLR-D3 / 5M

DMX signal distribution output connector: XLR-D3 / 5F

Electrical isolation voltage between each input and output interfaces:> 1000V


Net weight: 1.5KG

Gross Weight: 2.7KG

Product size: 200 × 180 × 70MM



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