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The Newest Stage Light,200W LED Spot in the world


                                                                                                   200W RGB Tri Color LED Spot Moving Head


Colorful Light (HK)Limited was established in 2008, which starts from the simplest stage light, LED Par light. But now due to the situation, Colorful Light has made a big gap from LED Par Light to Moving Head series. To gain an important position in Moving Head manufacturer, what we need the most is the technology. Now we are having the most sophisticated technician from the most advanced Stage Lighting manufacturer in China and the most important technology holder from Meanwell Power Supply. With these two role in Colorful Light, It has made the transferring easier.


Now with the help of the two technicians, Colorful Light has been developing a series of new products, 75W LED Beam, 75W LED Spot, 200W 5R Sharpy Beam, 135W 2R Beam, 150W RGBW quad LED Spot with zoom and without zoom, 200W RGB Tri Color LED Spot Moving Head.

Among these new products, the most popular one is 75W LED Beam, 5R Beam, 2R Beam. The most advanced is 150W RGBW Quad LED Spot and 200W Tri LED Spot with zoom.

In this 200W Tri LED Spot

1. The most advanced lamp source, 200W Red Butterfly LED with Heating System. (When it comes to high power LED, The most important point is the heating system. But Colorful Light has no worry about this. Red Butterfly has already offered heating system)

2. 200W RGB LED Source means the light doesn't need any Color Wheel but has millions of colors. It has almost same functions as CMY.

3. The power supply we are using is from our Meanwell technician. The effectiveness of power supply is 93%.

Please pay attention on Colorful Light and you will always rock your stage with our lights.


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