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Power Distributor Rack 12 Way

Model: CL-PD12Z


1. Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC 380±10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%

2. Input current: 150A rhino plug / crimp wire terminal type; Both options are available

3. Display: with three-phase A.B.C. direct reading independent current and voltage LCD display, real-time monitoring of each data

4. Output: 12 channel 40A 2pin bakelite outputs, 10A is optional; 32A (grounding)

5. Body: using international standard 3U cabinets

6. Control system: Each channel with 20A switch, with overload, short-circuit double protection.


Normal working environment:

1. Ambient temperature: 0-±45C

2. Relative humidity: 40% - 80%

Product size (mm): L500×W480×H133


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