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12CH 3KW Digital Dimmer Pack

12CH 3KW Digital Dimmer Pack12CH 3KW Power Dimmer Pack

Model: CL-DP123K


Input voltage: AC380V±10% three phase five wire, 50HZ±5%

Output circuit: 12 channels x 3KW, maximum output power up to 4KW

Signal interface: international standard DMX512

Digital dimming range: 0-100%  

Knob dimming range: 0-100%

Dimming curves: 2 (linear/switch) 

Switching value: 50% Preheating value: 1%-9% Product function: overload and short-circuit double protection high breaking air switch.

Three-phase A.B.C. indicator with three universal standby sockets

Product size (mm): L515×W483×H133

Product net weight: 18.5kg


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